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Many of my projects are websites that happen to only require an informal process to outline, but when called for, some diagramming of the project is helpful. I work in various apps. I think it’s because I’m always looking for the best. I use Axure, Pencil, (standalone or Firefox plugin), occasionally Visio. Also use but don’t live in the free program called DIA and the online tool Balsamiq. With that said, the most useful app to me for site mockup or technical drawing is Xara Designer Pro. It’s a full on vector graphics suite that I can export to working pages. Axure does this too, so I’m torn between those two apps.


Some of my diagramming and technical drawing work is below. In some cases I’ve also created 3D graphics to enhance comprehension or for visual interest. Note: clicking each thumbnail will open a PDF in a separate tab / download.










Unfortunately no tool I’ve used supports superior / flexible graphics plus node connections for that type of relationship diagram. UI development with a sketch feel is ideal and Inkscape comes close but has performance issues and lacks a good outliner that Xmind and Freemind have.  With that that said, mindmapping, I use XMind or Freemind, as the speed of connecting nodes is superior to others I’ve worked with and both are cross platform and free to use. Various online collaborative tools exist now, but don’t seem to perform at the level.

If you want to get into some extreme technical diagramming, check out Corel Technical Suite.

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