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Design Work

The most important thing for me is to always stay in the game all the time.  I like to absorb what others are doing and balance the popular conventions with a laser target on what my clients actually need for the majority of their visitors.

Website Development

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis is by far my favorite building in my city. On the outside it has a beautiful stone look and adds interest and uniqueness to the skyline. On the inside the entire structure is practically covered in mosaic designs and murals of a religious history. I was honored to win this project opportunity and brought them from an older and unfortunately buggy Joomla site to a new custom design on the WordPress platform. Doing this gives them a lot more options for content publishing and flexibility to modify sections of the site with all sorts of possible features. Their visitors can navigate the site a lot better and most importantly the site is simpler to update for their parishioners.

Bahn Realty is a St. Louis Commmercial Real Estate company, specializing in the sale and lease of Office, Retail and Warehouse spaces. They needed a website to manage their properties and to make their brand reflect who they are. I created a custom property database and data entry process which included a mechanism that automatically displayed and mapped their property based on the address. This makes it dead simple for them to enter properties and for their clients to view and broker them. Another part of the site I’m happy with is the accessibility of the property info, with featured properties on the front page and featured banner.


Impel Ltd. is a boutique marketing agency in St. Louis specializing in health care agency work. Impel was impressed with the design work seen in this portfolio and requested a website that would match their drop off pieces. A first phase responsive design was created that pulled together their own design sensibilities for a stronger client outreach.

ONAC is a committee of Neurosurgeons working on a campaign to eliminate waste and combine the two main Neurosurgery organizations (AANS and CNS) in the United States. I have been doing ongoing work on their email campaigns including a set of illustrated concepts to capture the audience of medical professionals. These strategies of variety and unexpected imagery have resulted in a well-above average conversation rate and readership amongst email recipients to advance the campaign.

The United Way contracted HLK Agency, who subcontracted Lelander, who subcontracted me to work on this Why United Way campaign single page responsive site. It consisted of an arrangement of complex background and foreground elements that required alignment regardless of size and browser. Working from the fantasitic design files from HLK I constructed the layout, found the happy mediums for mobile widths scrolling behavior. All the media elements working together make visual campaigns a success.

American Addiction Centers needed a careers page built into the system. I was contracted by Agent-X to develop the front end of this page based on their Photoshop designs. Working with their API programmer, the design was made responsive and hooked into the career builder database, tested and made live.

Lia Roth at Roth Clinic is a bi-lingual psychologist and therapist. Not able to get what she wanted from her psychology website vendor, I reworked her design and back end so it would be an easy-to-update bi-lingual website in WordPress. Doing so resulted in better code, faster updates and better search engine performance.

Fat Tony is a professional BMX and sports photographer as well as live event and TV announcer and of course BMX rider. With his main website hosted on one platform, it unfortunately didn’t allow for the flexibility he needed to migrate his existing web properties easily. What started as a bit of domain problem solving, I’m pleased to say led to a new blog design that now matches the essence of his main website, and most importantly, allows for a seamless transition between both.

Inferology is a professional training company specializing in Big Data Analytics courses. They focus on targeted in-person training, mentoring and finding their students jobs via recruitment connections and events. Inferology needed a website both for marketing their courses, but also for online registration for the class seminars.

Streamtech Engineering does industrial and shipping automation. Enhancements to warehouses such as smart conveyors, labelers, robots that stack boxes on shipping palettes too. Streamtech was working with a content system for a few years that just wasn’t serving them. A lot of tedium in building pages and customizing layouts made it a drag. A custom design was made in WordPress to help them speed up their content development and focus on Search Engine Optimization in their industry.

Bridgeway Behavioral Health is an organization in St. Charles Missouri that helps people with addictive disorders and domestic violence issues. Meeting with them, we discussed how their current static site couldn’t be updated and they had problems getting WordPress off the ground over the past few months. I wanted to give them a design that would really move them forward but at the same time keep a few thematic ideas from their existing site. The end result is way ahead in terms of flexibility and gives them the chance to grow content within it. Should be fully live as of December 2012.

Effectve | 8-12hz – site created in 2012. Custom wordpress development. A few features are the multiple templates including a promotional landing page. The jQuery effects for background stretching and sliders help the presentation. Some media queries were used for the site to scale well on mobile devices. This project was designed and conceived by Propaganda Inc in St. Louis, a fantastic marketing and design agency. Really enjoyed working with them.

Build-A-Bear Workshop – created in 2011. Custom front end design (as my usual M.O.). This site was a massive upgrade from the previous landing page. The photoshop design was done in-house by Eric the Senior Designer. The slider feature and the large bear images really helps it pop. Also the form design and collaboration with the .Net developers put this project to a completed close.

Aries Company – created in 2010. Custom WordPress template with extensive product catalog. Integrated Live Chat app and Javascript megamenu. Ongoing SEO work raised results to first page of Google and helped bring Aries to a 60% increase in business.

Streib Electric Co – Website for local electric company. Site fully conceived and implemented by me. At the time when rounded CSS corners were barely supported, I used the Curvy Corners JS implementation. The client requested a striking flash animation at page load, which I created in Flash.

SOJO Audio | Video – SOJO Audio Video company under the Streib Electric Family, although they are going though changes here with a new name and website coming. Stay tuned. This site fully conceived and implemented by me, with some help of their stock photo library.

Sharing Healthy Experiences – 2009 custom WordPress design for tween and teen girls anti-bullying program. Digital, print work and assistance with planning.

Artistic Soup – Wedding Photography site and blog / social media website. This site originally was quickly made up from an open source WordPress template, but soon after was completely re-coded and improved for better code quality and maintenance. The site was created before responsive web design techniques, but next step I’m assured is going to be a responsive makeover.

Housing 202 is a custom designed site for a housing agency. Meant to be a companion to their brochure, it reflects the same content. The site was implemented inside the ModX CMS platform.

Paws For Consideration – non-profit animal welfare website dedicated to protection and spay-neuter programs. This site is a custom design, based on my own template I have used a few times. It is implemented using the PmWiki platform, an old favorite of mine. Previous incarnations included embedded flickr galleries.

Print and Logo Design

Rise Vision Digital Signage Technical Drawing

SOJO Audio and Video Sales Sheet

Brochure for Heart of America Japan-America Society

Brochure for Streib Electric

Logo for

Logo for

Digital Signage

Rise Vision digial sign content Kansas City Royals – designed while at Rise Vision Inc.

3D Modeling

Model of Laptop – One of many technical works created in Blender 3D graphics package.

Animation for publishing company’s kit box. – Element used in an instructional CDRom movie set included with the company’s packaging.

3D model of my cubicle at work. I recommend avoiding them in your life if possible.

Model of a Mac Mini for an animated video project. (Blender 3D)

Yet another model for a work animation. (Blender 3D)

Not sure why I included this. (Blender 3D)

Monitor for work animation (Blender 3D)

Product rendering for animation. (Blender 3D)

Other Illustration

Illustration of family member done in Xara Designer Pro

My wife and I created in Adobe Illustrator for a greeting card. This is personal stuff but I’m still proud of it.

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