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2012 Spring

Back in the BMX game again. I placed 9th in the JOMO Pro competition and 2nd place at Voodoo Jam. Videos are on the way.

2012 Winter

After a stint with Fleishman-Hillard as a front-end developer, I’m going back on my own. I like the control better. I’m tired of being glued to a chair all day.   I like the work but it’s just not a healthy lifestyle.

2011 Summer

Another trip to Japan. This makes 8 I think now, maybe more.  Crazy. Andrew has been here twice now.

2010 Winter

We had a baby! Andrew was born in mid-January at the beginning of 2010. He was blah blah pounds and blah blah ounces.. why do people care about that stuff anyway?  If you’d like to see some photos, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to me and a check for $14.95.

2009 Spring / Summer

I absolutely love St. Louis and the Midwest in general this time of year. I like May the best, which is when I’m writing this. Cool mornings, no need for A/C. Great riding weather. You can often wear a sweater out at night, while enjoying a beverage on a balcony or a beer garden.

We went to Japan for two months from March to April. Since the winter held on for a long time, I was happy to be there as it’s more mild and cherry blossoms are beautiful. While there, I got into running and ran a 7k. Came in way down the list, but I had a good time. I love the family over there. Juri and I overstayed our welcome. As much fun we have, having your old kids back is simply a burden.

This summer we’re hoping to move into a house, but we’ll see if it works out. I love living next to a beautiful park I can run around and ride my bike in parking lots. I lost a few flatland tricks over the years, but make no mistake, I can still impress a group of 5th graders like nothing. I hope to reconnect with a lot more old friends and do some camping and boating.

2008 went by quick

A great year, full of important things. And yet without a large trip to an obscure place, it seems empty. In the “regular life” front, significant things happened. We sold our house in Kansas City and moved back to my hometown of St. Louis. Why would somebody move from the 18th ranked most dangerous city to the 2nd most dangerous city in the U.S? Nostalgia of course.

As soon as I got back, things started falling into place. I got back into BMX biking, started getting invited to places with my childhood friends. One complaint though? Libraries. Kansas City libraries are in a few cases just better than St. Louis. Not in every area, and for sure the Johnson County libraries beat KC, so they shouldn’t get too conceded over it. It’s just the St. Louis libraries have people still stamping the inside and outside of books with dates. Seems like that’s outdated and inefficient.

Summer 2007

We’ve had a great summer. Now it’s winding down. Back in late May, we spent a month in Japan for an extended vacation. We took a train ride all over Japan, we stayed with family and friends in different places. We saw some big buddha statues. It’s was better than cool. I’m a changed man after the experience.

At the end of July, we had a huge event here in KC, where 500 citizens from the Japanese city of Kurashiki flew here for a week for a massive cultural exchange. We worked our tails off and showed all the people from Kurashiki the best time we could. Juri was a key translator during the event. We hosted a homestay, a nice woman named Miho stayed with us for 2 days. We went to a lot of cool sites with the group, such as a Royals Game, a rodeo, the Rasterie cafe and much more. Kurashiki Week 2007 was a huge success.

I started working for myself in late August 2007. Now I’m working for SmickWorks. It’s interesting and different. Still getting used to it.

January 2007

Juri and I and some friends including Sherrid went on a road trip out west during the xmas holiday. Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, skiing, hiking, snow mobiling, cosplay and much much more.

July 2006

Got a new job. They said they don’t really give out titles, so I can pick my own title. I decided I’d be known as spiderman. Or you could call me the creative director.

February 2006

We did 2 things this month worth mentioning. First, we went to Hawaii. Oahu to be specific. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures. Check out our slideshow from the trip.

The second thing we did was (and I can’t believe this myself) we adopted a flippin’ cat. His name is Noah, and he’s really nice, though mentally ill I think, as I would say about most cats. But I’m just happy he’s not always trying to fight and scratch. I’ve still got bad memories of the cats that relatives or friends had that have the worst personalities.

It won’t be so bad though. When he turns 18, he’ll get a job and move out. In cat years, that means I only have like another fourteen months with him before he’s on his own.

My book is out in stores now. As of this writing, October 11th 2005 you can buy the book across the country. On, you can order the Special Edition Adobe Creative Suite 2. Whether you are a graphic designer, a circus animal or a bricklayer, I highly recommend picking up a copy.

On May 1, 2005 Juri and I celebrated our first anniversary. It was a real Joy. The night before, we went to Jun’s Japanese Restaurantfor some sushi, ika teriyaki, and Tofu Soup. Then we went and bought some snacks and watched a video at home. Are we boring? Depends on how you look at it I guess.

On Sunday, our anniversary, we went to a place called Powell Gardens. It’s a beautiful park with so many different flowers to choose from. Juri loves flowers and I thought it would be fun to show her THE PLACE to go for variety. I think I may write them a thank you letter because not only was their park beautiful, their service was great, their prices were fair and the overall was clean, respectable and educational.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I’ve really seen it fly by fast. To experience being with a person for their first year in a new country was interesting. I can’t say it was rocky or difficult. It’s been wonderful.

Well, here is kind of a recap for the 2004 Year. I went to Japan with my Mom, Dad and Sherrid, and we spent a week with the Okawa family there. We brought my fiancee Juri back with us, as was planned. On May 1st 2004, we were married in the courthouse in Kansas City. Our friends John and Lauren Rhein threw us a party. True friends.

In August, the Okawa Family visited the United States and we had a formal wedding celebration in St. Louis with all my family. Juri’s Mom, Dad, Brother, Aunt and Uncle all flew in. Grandma didn’t feel well to make the trip.

The wedding was great. I got all teary during both the vows and my speech to the crown. I didn’t even accomplish the introductions to the family from Japan, I forgot after I couldn’t hold it together. It’s all on video…Great.

One awesome thing about the wedding day I’d like to mention, Sherrid and I took Juri’s uncle and brother on a ride in a jet helicopter. It was friggin awesome. We flew over the city, downtown, went to my house, and a ton of other places.

Just this month, January 2005 Juri got her official green card. She is now a permanent resident of the United States. Some people have asked if she will be a citizen soon. It’s a choice she has to make. My understanding from reading immigration law is that the United States does not allow dual citizenship with Japan, so she would have to give up her Japanese Citizenship. That would be tough, so I think that’s why many people just keep renewing their green card every ten years. As long as you don’t commit any major crimes and pay your taxes, you are free to do that.

Lately I’ve just been working. A little freelance here and there, but mostly volunteer work. I have been getting some cool projects at work. I hope it continues.

No locked in plans yet for the next trip to Japan. But I do have a couple other trips in the works with Juri: Ohio for a friends wedding, and Washington DC in the fall of 2005.

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