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How Juri and I met

This story was originally on our wedding program. I thought I would post it to the site.

How all of this happened

It was by chance that Michael and Juri met. In September 2002, Juri had spent a week in the United States visiting a friend who studied in Kansas City. On the plane scheduled from Kansas City to Minnepolis, Juri settled into her seat next to an nice old business man. As usual, Mike was running late for his business trip. He too was flying to Minneapolis. Mike hurried down to his row on the plane to find a man sitting in his seat. He double-checked his ticket with the business man. They were both for the same seat. Kindly, the older man let Michael take the seat, next to a pretty young lady. When the plane was taking off, Mike just had to start a conversation with her even though he was a little nervous.

That is how Mike and Juri came to meet. They would only have two hours to get to know each other, and despite the language differences, they communicated fairly well drawing pictures in Mike’s notebook.. Mike was fascinated with this woman that came all the way across the world. After the flight landed, Mike helped Juri make a phone call home and get to the international gates. They talked for a while, and exchanged addresses. When she walked through her gate, mike took her hand, and said goodbye. He only wished her had more time with her.

A year went by of Mike and Juri being pen pals, Juri invited Mike to come stay as a guest in her family’s home. Mike had always wanted to see Japan, and asked that his friend Sherrid come along. The week with Juri’s family was wonderful. So many new experiences with a beautiful culture and a great family. Mike however just couldn’t make sense of the way he was feeling. He was happy, and yet sad. He knew he would have to say goodbye, and didn’t want to. This woman was the person he had always dreamed about. Near end of the week, he had no other desire but to ask Juri to marry him. She said yes, on one condition. Mike would have to ask her parent’s permission in Japanese!

Mike practiced for the last 2 days. He gave the best performance of broken Japanese anyone had ever done. He looked up at her parents. There was a gasp, then Juri’s mother jumped on Mike and gave him a big hug. They knew Mike was, as her mother would say “a cool boy.” Whew!

So here we are, two years later. We are so thankful that we can share this day as a family. Thank you everyone for being with us today. Special thanks to my mother, father and sisters for everything you’ve done. I love you guys.

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