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This is my website. I’m on a journey to use my talents and passion to help others. My medium is website and graphic design and I leverage my planning, awareness and often my intuition and energy to make things better.

What do I do? I make websites mainly but also print and digital campaigns mostly for small businesses and cultural organizations. I love entrepreneurs with great ideas and I need a good mission and collaborators to thrive. I work mainly in HTML / CSS, 2D and 3D graphics software. I leverage a variety of content management systems such as WordPress, ModX, Dokuwiki because static can’t beat dynamic.

You’ll want me to help you plan. I spot breakdowns in processes before it gets hairy. I imagine workflows and see when they could fall apart. I also know where content adds value and where it doesn’t. I’m not a trained artist or a trained programmer. My background comes from formal education and more importantly a lot of self-taught skill and experience on the way.

I’m a writer too

I wrote a book in 2005 on the Adobe Graphics Suite (CS2) which from the title you can tell is the great American novel of its time. Sadly it has become somewhat obsolete as Adobe has released subsequent version(s) since then, but once in a while I find that someone benefitted from my book, which made it worth while.

I’ll try to keep everyone posted of my upcoming writing projects. And by ‘upcoming projects’ I mean the 3/4 of my unfinished life coated with dust. Actually I’ve enjoyed all of the copy writing I’ve been doing for various clients, and my blog gets my attention too. That’s enough for me at the moment.

Freelancing at the OpenGround Laboratory

Freelance website design and graphics at the OpenGround laboratory has been rewarding for me. I’ve created a company called OpenGround because I needed a place to launder money. If you have been itching to put together a website, or need help with a book, logo, flyer, banner graphic or basically any web or print advertisement, I may be your guy. I’ve got connections man. You better believe it.

My ideal clients are those that I can inspire, small business kind of people, those who need my help and appreciate what I personally believe is smart design.

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