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electric boogaloo

I went to a community class this evening on electronic music. It was a starter class talking about the things you can use to create music at home. We covered midi sequencers, notation programs, and I got to ask a ton of questions of the expert. Sometimes you just need a teacher to complete the learning experience.
Anyway, I sent an email to the teacher afterwards because I had some resources that he could use in another class. I’ll post the email here because I want to remember these resources too.


Thanks for the Class David. I really appreciated
chatting with you about everything, and thanks for
spending time with me afterwards.

I wanted to send you those resources I talked about.

That 64 button open source music box is called the

Blog entry at
You really need to watch their video to see it in
action. It’s awesome I think.

Another application worth mentioning is called Rosegarden. It’s for linux, open source and the sources are free, if one wants to compile the application. You can also pay for it compiled via a linux live cd.

Free drum machine called Hammerhead

In your resources, you list some ear training apps.
Here’s a free one.

Big list of free music making software

Regarding Home Studios, this guy has created a huge guide for all this stuff. All the links on the left show how big this guide is.

An article about Thomas Dolby’s electronic music rig

The books I took out of the library were good
resources, some of them I took links out of. You can
see my list of music links here.

Here is the book I checked out that was really good.
“Getting started in Computer Music”

Another was called “The art of digital music : 56 visionary artists & insiders reveal their creative secrets”

Here’s a recent article about microphones

list of midi sequencers

One last thing. You might consider putting together a
quick webpage with all of the resources you want to
give out. There is a way you can do this really
quickly by using a free service called pbwiki.

That way you don’t have to necessarily email
presentations to people, you can just refer them to
the website, and you can update it as you need to, if
you plan on continuing the class.

Whew, that was a long email.

thanks again!

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