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How to pronounce GIF – a protest

Just learned the creator of the GIF image format is surprised there’s still a debate on how to pronounce GIF.  The maker of the GIF file says it’s supposed to be a soft G and sound like J. Well, I’m not doing that ever. Here’s why:

  1. It’s an acronym so making a word out of it is a fun exercise, but it doesn’t carry a lot of weight. But if it did…
  2. Through reasoning, we can deduce a logical hard G for the pronunciation because the first letter in the acronym stands for “Graphic” or “Graphical” which, thank you, is a Hard G.
  3. If we must make a word out of it, sorry but the word Gift is a lot older and has a convention we follow which is, you guested it, a Hard G.
  4. There’s a peanut butter brand called JIF and that is distracting.  I’m trying to show you how to export a file and then you’re off thinking about peanut butter. No.
  5. One guy doesn’t decide how a language evolves. Social groups and culture evolves it. Got a problem with that? Take a salt tablet. Hard G.


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Changing things up soon

There are a million things I’m wanting to do with this page. And most of them aren’t going to get done. But I will be redesigning soon. I’m tired of the disconnect between my site and my blog. It’s time to create an easier system. Over the next few weeks, look for some updates to the design, and some new features added. I’m not trying to keep up with the Jone’s. I’m trying to make this creative outlet more accurately reflect what I do. And make it more fun and rewarding to build and to read. I don’t think this RSS feed will last, so look out for it to end, if you do subscribe to my site. Another RSS feed will be created though.

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Back from California

I’m back from California, whew that was a tough four days. I was beginning to miss the clean air of Missouri, as well as the pseudo-delicious barbecue, the lack of night life, and the flat flat flat terrain. Now that I’m back, I’m trying to start some patterns in my life. I’m thinking of jumping on the healthy bandwagon of “illustration friday” where I will use the time at work when I should be working and instead sitting there drawing funny characters and racy schoolgirl manga.

I spent a couple hours this evening previewing Xara Extreme. Let me say that it lives up to what they say it does on the website, mostly what stands out is it’s speed of operation. In fact, the more I use it, the more I want to not use illustrator. Though illustrator is an excellent program, it’s grown slow to open and operate in recent years. Xara has the bitmap trace, all the tools I use so far and an interface that I really work well with. One thing I haven’t found yet is gradient mesh editing. Perhaps I will make it part of my workflow for a mere 79 bucks.

Last evening, sitting in Las Vegas airport, I was almost tempted into playing slots like the rest of the pinheads, but I decided to enjoy a game of classic Super Mario Bros, on my PC using an old emulator called Nester. It was awesome. I have never played every single level of that game, until now. With the help of that emulator and being able to save games during certain annoying parts, I accomplished all I really need to with Mario in about 45 minutes.

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