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Flatland Competition Run – Anarchy In Anderson Competition

Went to Indiana with my friends Tim, Austin and Zunwu to compete in the AMFlat  Anarchy in Anderson competition. It was a pretty good day. Rain ruined the end but it was beautiful otherwise.

My run went ok, but compared to my favorite riders who go a lot faster, I look a bit lethargic.  I need to work on that. Still I placed 2nd in Vet Class.

August 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm | bikes, flatland, freestyle, friends | No comment

Summer 2012 Flatland Riding in New Orleans

I went to a BMX flatland competition called Voodoo Jam. My friend Tim and I drove down to New Orleans on a work trip for him. I tagged along to see the sights and ride in the competition.

We bother entered. I got 2nd place in Vet class. Vet class is for riders who have been in the scene a long time, over 30 but may or may not have polished or modern skills for the expert class.

From the trip, I made a video of my riding, thanks to Tim for shooting with my camera.

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Beautiful flatland riding from Taiko Kaneta in Tokyo

Great form here.  As I watched it I thought that any kid wanting to get into flatland these days has a pretty big workload ahead of him. Even so, this sport must continue. You can see by these types of moves just how fun and mesmerizing flatland can be. These kinds of edits can just keep coming. I’m NOT getting tired of them one bit. The second music clip is very dope. Wish there were more of it.

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