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Cameras just aren’t there yet

This holiday season I was really wanting to treat myself to a new camera. Ever since the Current River incident, I’ve only had my massive SLR to shoot with and it’s just not easy to take it as many places as I want to shoot. But I decided that if I’m spending the money I’m getting something that will be a little more weatherproof.  Turns out, there’s hardly squat out there in that category. 3 cameras out of the ten-thousand out there fit the quality level and design category I’m looking for. But none of the three will work for me.

  1. My favorite one is just out of my price range. Plus it’s apparently not in the company’s interest to sell it here, so it’s hard to get.  The Ricoh G600 is a weather resistant, shock resistant, and sand resistant outdoor and emergency worker camera. It looks like it’s for the construction site, but I love that the controls are big and simplified that I wouldn’t need to take my gloves off.  Next time I go on the river, I’m putting a camera on a lanyard around my neck. I’m taking a ton of pics and not losing any of them. But this camera is close to $700 and I cannot justify that, even though it’s nearly perfect.
  2.  The next possible winner really just has one flaw. And it’s a silly unnecessary flaw. The Olympus Stylus 1050SW is a water resistant, shockproof and low temperature unit that has a great size to it. It’s not as glove-workable as the Ricoh, but it has a crush resistant body which is surprisingly rugged for the look of this thing. The problem? It uses the silly XD memory cards. Here’s the deal folks. We need to lock into just the two types of cards.  SD cards and compact flash cards. That’s it.  Even though this camera will take the MicroSD and has some kind of adapter, it’s just dumb.  SD cards are made by everybody and fit into tons of devices. Nobody going on a ski trip wants to carry the adapter that they’ll lose.  And don’t forget the WiFi SD card that’s available that be perfect to extend this camera.  Too bad, I’m probably not gonna get it.  Hopefully they wise up in 2009
  3. Pentax Optio W60 is the last weatherproof camera I was considering. It nearly seemed to meet the need, but the reviews turned me off. It’s not taking the best pictures and the advertized video playback is lacking. However it DOES use an SD card, so it’s almost right. You can kill yourself reading peoples review because people sometimes just get bad apples.  But I think given the look of it and that the battery level isn’t great, I’m going to pass.  But I wouldn’t stop others from going for it. But this and the Olympus could work well for somebody I think. I’m picky though, really picky.

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