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About Mike and Juri

Mike grew up in the midwest and still calls it home. St. Louis is his hometown. Mike is a graphic/web/animation designer of sorts for his own company called Open Ground.

Juri grew up in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan. A prefecture is kind of like a state, only with a cooler name. Every crazy thing you’ve ever heard about Japan is all true. Especially things in manga comics. They are true just like all the things the Japanese hear about America are true.

Anyway, somehow in the course of meeting Mike, he fooled Juri into thinking he was a bright upstanding young man. They married in 2004 in a traditional Japanese ceremony dressed as Hello Kitty and Voltron. (Mikes dream wedding). Read the story of how we met.

Juri is perfect at everything she does, which includes: falling asleep for seven hours in the middle of the day, finishing Mike’s favorite snacks, and winning any and all arguments using female intuition. She enjoys paper products such as stationary and miscellaneous bags and boxes. She also likes cats.

juri with the cat

Mike is good at reading Internet news, making excuses, and has unmatched good taste in footwear and electronic music. He frequents the library, as he doesn’t like to pay for anything, and he can almost curl 65 lbs at the gym almost 12 times in a row. Because working out in the gym is about as fun as digging trenches in winter Mike prefers to go for refreshing runs at a nearby park.

Mike and Juri in Hakone
Mike on top of a building Photo shot by John Hull
Beautiful Juri in a Kimono

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