SMICK.NET | Website of Mike Smick Graphics and Web Developer

I am a front end web developer. Sometimes called a UI / UX designer. I build responsive websites and create marketing campaigns across all media from print, web and video. Perhaps most importantly, I make teams better by being a part of them. I build things with a goal of helping people boost their expectations. And love my town.

Technical Writing

Part of any job is communicating how to progress in any particular area. That may be changes improvements or just helping others learn or understand a topic. I've been developing tutorials for a decade, both in written and screencast format. Some of my work is out there for free, and others is proprietary to places I've worked and contracted.


My wife is from Japan. Our son is fantastic. I wish I could share more here, but I promise there are some photos of him around the site somewhere.

Learning and Training (Graphics and WordPress)

I'm available for in-person and web training. If you have a small to medium size group and want to learn a topic specific to design software or content management systems such as WordPress, contact me. I can also create modular tutorials or training screencasts to help you communicate to your customers and clients. I wrote a book in 2005 on the Adobe Graphics Suite (CS2) which has helped thousands of new creatives and students learn the Adobe Creative Suite.

OpenGround Labs

OpenGround is my brand for for great things for my clients. Discover. Traverse. Create. Did I mention I'm in St. Louis, Missouri?

Give me a shout, tell me what you need.